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Sober Grad Nite is now Pitman High School PTSA. This allows students to partcipate. We are appreciative for our board members, students and for donations for the Pitman Sober Graduation night event. Thank you!

Pitman High School PTSA


Pitman High School PTSA

Contact us:

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Board Members

President - Debra Elliot 

(209) 585-8710


Executive Vice President - Elaine Tait

(209) 535-8157

Secretary - Ruth Engen

(209) 606-3205


Treasurer - Machele Crane 

(209) 620-5355


Vice President Fundraising - Beth McCormack

(209) 765-0572


Communications Chair - Deana Becker

(209) 262-8686

PHS PTSA (Sober Grad) Meetings

Today: 7/21/17


No news posted