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How to Do Research

Business Finances

  • - publishes personal finance news and how-to information along with interest rate information from 4,000 financial institutions in 124 markets in the United States and Puerto Rico. They also calculate national, state and market averages nightly on 51 rates.  Includes comparison rates on Checking/ATM fees, credit cards, home equity loans, money markets, savings, CDs and new car loans.
  • The Better Business Bureau Central Web Server for U.S. and Canada - Online site to promote a better relationship between business and the public.
  • Mortgage and Financial Calculators - Includes numerous calculators related to business. Included are: Generic Loan Amortization, Lunch Savings Calculator, JavaScript Amortization Spreadsheet, Minimum IRA withdrawal calculator, What's Missing? Loan Calculator--this simple program finds the missing loan variable (loan amount, monthly payment, interest rate or number of months), Rule of 78 Loan Calculator, What's a Million?, Compound It! Prepayment calculator, Roth IRA Conversion Calculator, Simple Loan Calculator, and many more.
  • What's a Dollar Worth? CPI Calculation Machine - Tool to find the dollar worth of items in any year since 1913 compared to present 2013 dollars.

Personal Finance
  • Kelley Blue Book - Determine the value of your automobile.
  • The Mint - Provides practical aspects of economics including renting vs. buying, saving vs. investing, the budget and what it takes to start your own business. The Mint is a collaborative effort between the Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation and The National Council on Economic Education.
  • The Occupational Outlook Handbook  - The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides essential information about the world of work and the qualifications that will be needed by tomorrow's workers.

Stock Markets