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Scholarships... In a Nutshell


  • Every scholarship is different, has its own qualifications, requirements and deadlines.

  • Scholarships can be worth varying amounts of money typically ranging from $50 to full tuition.

  • Scholarships can require any or all of the following: an application, an essay, transcripts, letters of recommendation, other.

AVOID SCAMS… you should NEVER have to pay to apply for a scholarship


Grad money



FREE MONEY!!  Apply-Apply-Apply!!!

LOCAL Scholarship application

Seniors click HERE to apply for local scholarships.  Over 60 scholarships and you only have to fill out one application.

juniors CB SCholarship

Check out this powerpoint that covers all the information you need to know about the new College Board Scholarship Program. Junior CB Scholarship PPT.  Get started at 

TYPES of Scholarships

Local Scholarships-

Application in SPRING. From local businesses, charities, clubs, and individuals.  We will announce when application is available!  Every SENIOR should apply!

Ongoing Private Scholarship List-

Any outside scholarship that we are made aware of will be posted on this site to the LEFT.  As we get mailed/emailed information we will post, so CHECK OFTEN!!  SCOE and Stanislaus Futures also keep running lists and may be another good resource!  Their links are here-  

Stanislaus CF


CSU/UC/JC Scholarships-

Each college typically has their own scholarship page/list of scholarships available to students attending THEIR school.  Check the websites of the schools you are applying to. (Tip: the UC application ALSO serves as your application to UC scholarships!  Win!)

National Scholarship Searches

There's more!  There are THOUSANDS of scholarships out there.  These websites will dramatically expand your scholarship search. Below is a link for a list of the most popular scholarship search engines.  Create a profile and they will narrow the list and email you directly with ones YOU may qualify for. 

 List of Scholarship Search Engines