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Contact Julissa Aguilar  Julissa Aguilar Counselor (Sb-Z)
Contact Kristen Cole  Kristen Cole College & Career Counselor
Contact Jennifer Cornell  Jennifer Cornell Counselor (A-C)
Contact Sabrina Eshaghi  Sabrina Eshaghi Counselor (D-H)
Contact Kristie Frank  Kristie Frank Counselor (I-M)
Contact Phil Sanchez  Phil Sanchez Counselor (N-Sa)

Pitman Staff


Contact Adeline Amador  Adeline Amador Agriculture
Contact Gracie Amaya  Gracie Amaya Physical Education
Contact Jennifer Andrade  Jennifer Andrade History
Contact Shawne Arnold  Shawne Arnold Business
Contact Gary Austin  Gary Austin Mathematics
Contact Hali Bream  Hali Bream Science
Contact Sean Brooks  Sean Brooks Science
Contact Vaughn Burkamper  Vaughn Burkamper Mathematics
Contact Joni Busby  Joni Busby English
Contact Cris Castro  Cris Castro Foreign Language
Contact Debbie Clemens  Debbie Clemens Physical Education, Cross Country
Contact Monica Cooke  Monica Cooke English
Contact Charbel Couris  Charbel Couris Foreign Language
Contact Will Creighton  Will Creighton Fine Arts
Contact Matt Cuculich  Matt Cuculich Special Ed
Contact Dustin Curtiss  Dustin Curtiss Mathematics, Girl's Basketball
Contact Jon Derr  Jon Derr Mathematics
Contact Larry DeTomasi  Larry DeTomasi Fine Arts
Contact Joy Esquibel  Joy Esquibel Science
Contact Randy Fareria  Randy Fareria Special Ed
Contact Isaac Farhadian  Isaac Farhadian Social Studies
Contact Eren Fisher  Eren Fisher Mathematics, Track & Field
Contact Danny Freitas  Danny Freitas Bridge
Contact Thomas Galdos  Thomas Galdos Special Ed
Contact Joshua Galvez  Joshua Galvez Mathematics
Contact Terri Gianotti  Terri Gianotti Fine Arts
Contact Celina Gil  Celina Gil Foreign Language
Contact Luke Gocke  Luke Gocke Agriculture
Contact Don Grishaw  Don Grishaw Orchestra, Foreign Language
Contact Monica Hall  Monica Hall English
Contact Marcus Hatchell  Marcus Hatchell English
Contact Jeff Hayes  Jeff Hayes Social Science, Tennis
Contact Randy Heinrichs  Randy Heinrichs English
Contact Brian Hofsteen  Brian Hofsteen Science
Contact Laura Hollister  Laura Hollister Science
Contact Colleen Humphres  Colleen Humphres English
Contact Paola Inman  Paola Inman Physical Education
Contact Jessica Insell  Jessica Insell English
Contact Briana Ioane  Briana Ioane English
Contact Tracy James  Tracy James Mathematics
Contact Katherine Jeans  Katherine Jeans English
Contact Matt Jeans  Matt Jeans Science, Boy's Golf
Contact David Jigour  David Jigour Science
Contact Julie Laughton  Julie Laughton Special Ed
Contact Eva Lear  Eva Lear Foreign Language
Contact James Lewis  James Lewis Special Ed
Contact Clarissa Long  Clarissa Long Foreign Language
Contact Tony Lynch  Tony Lynch Mathematics
Contact Curtice MacFarlane  Curtice MacFarlane Special Ed
Contact Harvey Marable  Harvey Marable Business, Boy's Basketball
Contact Keith Martin  Keith Martin English
Contact Nick Martino  Nick Martino Special Ed
Contact Julie McBay  Julie McBay Drama
Contact Tim McCabe  Tim McCabe Science
Contact Oscar Mercado  Oscar Mercado Foreign Language
Contact Yadira Mercado  Yadira Mercado Mathematics
Contact Ruben Modesto  Ruben Modesto Music, Band
Contact Stephen Montgomery  Stephen Montgomery Social Science
Contact Thad Moren  Thad Moren Mathematics, Track & Field
Contact Anthony Moreno  Anthony Moreno Mathematics
Contact Ellen Newman  Ellen Newman English
Contact Kimberly Nunes  Kimberly Nunes Special Ed
Contact Julie Oblauskii  Julie Oblauskii Business, Work Experience
Contact Jennifer Olesen  Jennifer Olesen Special Ed
Contact Megan Olson  Megan Olson Mathematics
Contact Yohan Partan  Yohan Partan Choir
Contact John Perry  John Perry Social Science
Contact Kristen Pontes  Kristen Pontes English, Volleyball
Contact Doug Reimers  Doug Reimers Science
Contact Eric Reza  Eric Reza Social Science, Frosh Football
Contact Vicente Rosales  Vicente Rosales Fine Arts
Contact Kim Runyan  Kim Runyan Science
Contact George Santos  George Santos Social Science
Contact Craig Scott  Craig Scott Special Ed
Contact Ben Searway  Ben Searway Social Science
Contact Kris Shaw  Kris Shaw Science, Girl's Golf
Contact Katrina Silva  Katrina Silva English
Contact Mohini Singh  Mohini Singh Home Ec
Contact Sara Smith  Sara Smith English
Contact Renate Staley  Renate Staley Mathematics
Contact David Stubbs  David Stubbs Foreign Language
Contact Jaime Suarez  Jaime Suarez History
Contact Graham Thomas  Graham Thomas Social Science
Contact James Toste  James Toste Business
Contact Tom Tyler  Tom Tyler Physical Education, Football
Contact Adam Vasconcellos  Adam Vasconcellos Mathematics, Wrestling
Contact Andy Walker  Andy Walker Social Science
Contact Dave Walls  Dave Walls Social Science, Athletic Director
Contact Lance Weckerle  Lance Weckerle Physical Education
Contact Tanya White  Tanya White Consumer Studies
Contact Chris Wolfley  Chris Wolfley Physical Education

Office Staff

Contact Rosa Aguilar  Rosa Aguilar Administrative Secretary I (Jacinto)
Contact Teri Alves  Teri Alves Typist Clerk (Records/Counseling)
Contact Alma Brumley  Alma Brumley Administrative Secretary II (Activities/Special Ed)
Contact Christine Bryant  Christine Bryant Librarian
Contact Michele Envia  Michele Envia Attendance Clerk II
Contact Yesenia Flores  Yesenia Flores Administrative Secretary II (Acha)
Contact Keaton Garcia  Keaton Garcia Typist Clerk
Contact Luisa Godfrey  Luisa Godfrey Nurse
Contact Krystal Gray  Krystal Gray Typist Clerk (Front Desk)
Contact Josefa Hernandez  Josefa Hernandez Activities Account Tech
Contact Maria Johnson  Maria Johnson Activities Account Clerk
Contact Jamie Nascimento  Jamie Nascimento Secretary III (Counseling)
Contact Sima Nazi  Sima Nazi Nurse
Contact Linda Nelson  Linda Nelson Secretary III (Front Office)
Contact Krystal Pollinger  Krystal Pollinger Administrative Assistant (Freeman)
Contact Jeri Silva  Jeri Silva Secretary III (Wright)
Contact Alma Valencia  Alma Valencia Attendance Specialist
Contact Elisabeth Vallerand  Elisabeth Vallerand Registrar


Email any teacher by clicking the envelope next to his/her name.

Teacher Websites

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Don Grishaw

Campus Supervisors

Lisa Narciso - Coordinator

Rudy Estrada

Leo Pulido

Zac Sward

Mike Wallace